Alessandro Polo



Wireless Localization and Human Activity Monitoring

Device-free Tracking and Gesture recognition, Opportunistic Wi-Fi device localization

Environmental Monitoring, IoT & Wireless Sensing

Inetnet of Things Distributed Monitoring, Network Planning, Edge and Fog Computing

Artificial Intelligence & Problem Solving

Machine Learning, Digital Twins, Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization techniques, High Performance Computing, Quantum Computing,

Mission Critical Systems & Applications and Emergency Management

Decision Support Systems for Fleet and Emergency management, Situation Awareness, TETRA networking


2022 - current

Assistant Professor


University of Trento, Italy

2018 - 2022

Research Associate


University of Trento, Italy

2012 - current

Fellow Member

ELEDIA Research Center

2000 - 2012


Consultant & Developer

in the field of Software, Networking, Security, Automation and Smart Home



National Scientific Qualification (ASN)

for the position of Associate Professor

Ministry of Education, University and Research, Italy


Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral School in Information and Communication Technology

University of Trento, Italy


Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

University of Trento, Italy

Research Activities

Selected Publications (max 5 of 90+)

Wireless Architectures for Heterogeneous Sensing in Smart Home Applications

F. Viani, F. Robol, A. Polo, P. Rocca, G. Oliveri, and A. Massa, "Wireless architectures for heterogeneous sensing in smart home applications – Concepts and real implementations," Proceedings of the IEEE – Special Issue on 'The Smart Home,' Invited Paper, vol. 101, no. 11, pp. 2381-2396, November 2013.

Semantic Wireless Localization of Wi-Fi Terminals in Smart Buildings

H. Ahmadi, A. Polo, T. Moriyama, M. Salucci, and F. Viani, "Semantic wireless localization of WiFi terminals in smart buildings," Radio Science – Special Issue on ‘Innovative Microwave Devices, Methods and Applications,' Invited Paper, vol. 51, no. 6, pp. 876-892, June 2016.

Low-cost Wireless Monitoring and Decision Support for Water Saving in Agriculture

F. Viani, M. Bertolli, M. Salucci, and A. Polo, "Low-cost wireless monitoring and decision support for water saving in agriculture," IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 17, no. 13, pp. 4299-4309, July 2017.

Co-design of Unconventional Array Architectures and Antenna Elements for 5G Base Stations

G. Oliveri, G. Gottardi, F. Robol, A. Polo, L. Poli, M. Salucci, M. Chuan, C. Massagrande, P. Vinetti, M. Mattivi, R. Lombardi, and A. Massa, "Co-design of unconventional array architectures and antenna elements for 5G base stations," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation - Special Issue on "Antennas and Propagation Aspects of 5G Communications," vol. 65, no. 12, pp. 6752-6767, Dec. 2017.

An Iterative Classification Strategy for Multi-Resolution Wireless Sensing of Passive Targets

F. Viani, M. D. Migliore, A. Polo, M. Salucci, and A. Massa, "An iterative classification strategy for multi-resolution wireless sensing of passive targets," Electronics Letters, vol. 54, no. 2, pp. 101-103, 2018.


PhD Thesis: "Innovative Wireless Localization Techniques and Applications"

Opportunistic approaches based on the analysis of electromagnetic field indicators (i.e., received signal strength and channel state information) for the presence detection, the localization, the tracking and the posture recognition of cooperative and non-cooperative (device-free) users in indoor environments are proposed and validated in real world test sites. The methodologies are designed to exploit existing wireless infrastructures and commodity devices without any hardware modification. In outdoor environments, a decision support system for emergency response and Civil Defense assets management (i.e., personnel and vehicles equipped with TETRA mobile radio) is described in terms of architecture and results of two-years of experimental validation.

Advisor: Prof. Giacomo Oliveri

Master Thesis: "Study and development of an innovative 3G/4G wireless network analysis tool"

EVoKE is a full scale anomaly detection system for 2G, 3G, 4G cellular networks. It includes many statistical detectors (Multipass Modified three-sigma, MAD, Median Rule, BoxPlot) and a WAVELET based pattern matching detector for complex anomalies. Many filters have been included in order to improve detected alarms performance (e.g. false-positive rate) and in order to enable advanced data-mining and inference based methodologies. Moreover some filters have been specifically designed for Vodafone needs. Thanks to design and optimized algorithms, EVoKE is able to evaluate more than 30.000 cells (daily analysis) in 16 seconds. It has been tested during 2012 by Vodafone Omnitel N.V.

Advisor: Prof. Andrea Massa

Bachelor Thesis: "Development of a Video and Image Processing Library - VETLib"

Video and Image Processing ANSI C++ Library, designed for testing and developing filters, (de)coders and final applications. Features: multi-platform; supports v4l, qt, gtk, DirectX; source documentation and manuals; tools for students.

Advisor: Prof. Francesco De Natale


Yarman-Carlin Student Paper Award

Award for the paper "Improved Wireless Localization of Mobile Devices in Smart Indoor Scenarios" at the Proc. 2015 IEEE Mediterranean Microwave Symposium (MMS'2015), 2015.

Lecce, Italy

InSIEm Award "Giovani verso l'Impresa"

Award for the project prototype quot;DOMiNO - Decision suppOrt system for fleet Management and mIssioN cOntrol" at the XX Riunione Nazionale di Elettromagnetismo (RiNEm'2014), 2014.

Padova, Italy

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